RTE Gold Radio Online

If you have an internet radio connected to the net, you can browse through it’s directory to find the full compliment of RTÉ Radio services. Devices differ, but generally you can quickly find RTÉ Radio services by selecting Europe, followed by Ireland and finally selecting the station you desire. See your specific device’s instructions for more directions.

If RTÉ Radio is not listed in your device’s directory, please contact the directory operator. When an internet radio is switched on it looks up an internet radio stream directory. These directories are third party and are not controlled by RTE. Different devices look up varying directories depending on the set. RTE Radio as best it can ensures that these third party directories are publishing the correct streams for all of our radio services and sometimes they are incorrect. Below is the official list of our streams for use on internet radios.

For MP3 audio streams:


Online Radio Directory:


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