East of Atlantis

East of Atlantis are an Irish video production duo who are currently creating and releasing comedy videos about Ireland, Irish people and Irish issues.

The videos are a humorous, satirical, irreverent, jaded, slag-filled look at Ireland and its place on this cosmic ball of dirt we call Earth. They are well-crafted, well-written videos, featuring original music, quality visuals and a distinctive satirical style of narration.

The latest video is entitled “Ireland: Deep Fat Fryers Anonymous” – a brief run-down of the Irish people’s relationship with health.

It features booze, drugs, rocks, grass, and deep-fried Mars Bars. 

To view the videos, visit www.eastofatlantis.com and go to the “Videos” page, or click on the Youtube icon at the bottom of each page in the “Follow EOA” section.

Alternatively, the videos can be viewed below on MyRadio.ie page or on the EOA Facebook page – www.facebook.com/eastofatlantis

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